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1981 Boylen Rd Unit # 10
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Pest Control Service In Brampton

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Affordable Pest Control Service In Brampton

Imagine, on a fine morning, you decide to soak in all the sunshine thinking you will turn your life around, but get disturbed by the dingy atmosphere created by the pests. 


Pests take over any kind of occupying space in a small period. It worsens the living condition of your household as well as corporate areas, thus making the place bad for habitation and working. 


Therefore, you need to keep the pests out all year round to protect every occupant in the residential and commercial property. That’s where we come in. We have years of experience to speak for our Pest control service in Brampton


Our pest control service experts use advanced technology and products to make your place termite-free. Be it a commercial or residential property, it will be rid of pests only after one cleaning inspection. 


To make sure that you are protected from pests all around the year, we provide customized home protection plans, backed by approved and utilized pest control science. 

Types Of Pest Control Services In Brampton:

  • Residential pest control services: The residential pest control service in Brampton aims to protect your home from all kinds of pests and termites and also prevents the conditions in which   

  • Commercial pest control services: We aim to provide a wide range of commercial pest control services as well that would ensure the safety of the commercial space for retaining its aesthetics. Also, we tailor our services as per your needs. It includes the following:

  • Ant Control Services: With summer around the corner, one of the most common insects that you will see lurking in your kitchen are ants. It is also the most common problem as no matter how much you keep your station clean, they will come in hoards. 


Some of the common types of ants that you may encounter in your home are black ants, pavement ants, house ants, and carpenter ants. Nonetheless, once these ants make a colony, it will get harder to get rid of them. 


So, rather than waiting, hire us to professionally, and scientifically eradicate the existence of ants from your property using analytical methods and eco-friendly chemicals.

  • Bed Bug Removal Services: We speak for everybody when we say none can tolerate these little red creatures. Usually found crawling around your bed, pillow, and mattresses, the bed bugs normally feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive.


The size of an adult bed bug goes around 5mm. The bites from the bed bugs will not wake one up, however, they will interrupt one’s sound sleep. Hire us for a thorough inspection followed by a proper treatment to completely remove the bed bugs. 

  • Cockroach Control Services: Cockroaches and unhygienic surroundings are synonymous with each other. It is one of the most common pests that one may find lurking in homes and apartments. Moreover, they hold the chance to contaminate food and kitchen utensils leaving an unpleasant odor.


Cockroaches move freely from filth to food transferring pathogenic microbes that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses. Moreover, they produce allergies that cause congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, and even bronchial inflammation in one. Our pest control services can help you get rid of cockroaches almost immediately.

  • Dead Animal Removal Services: Did you know that there is a risk of contamination, the spread of disease, and further pest manifestation that can take place if the dead animal around your residential or commercial compound isn’t removed? If you ever spot an animal body in the yards, call us. 


Before the body decomposes and odors start to issue in the air, book our pest control solution. We will remove the carcass, and dispose of it thoroughly. In addition to this, we will disinfect and sanitize the property for the maintenance of safety and security. 

  • Hornet & Wasp Removal Services: Although there are more than 20,000 written species of wasps found in the surrounding area, the most common ones that many are familiar with, and are seen in our neighborhood are hornets and yellow jackets. Did you know that a fully-grown wasp nest can hold up to 10,000 individuals? 


Their nature is aggressive and, if they feel threatened, they can even sting, which is a painful situation you don’t want to encounter. Hire pest control experts and we will send you a team of professionals who would safely remove the wasp best from your property. 



  • Pigeon & Bird Removal: It is common to find birds nesting under the internal structure of your property. Although aesthetically, the birds may enhance the beauty of your place, it is the birds dropping that are unhygienic and unpleasant. 


The accumulation of dropping could lead to potential fungus growth that can give rise to the spread of disease. So, book a session with us as we will easily remove the best of the bird from your property.

Our Pest Control Services

Air Duct Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning
Air Filter Replacement
AC Coil Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
HEPA Filtration System

Apart From That, We Also Offer The Following Services.

  • Rat & Mouse Control Services
  • Skunk Removal Services
  • Raccoon Removal Services
  • Spider & Insect Removal
  • Squirrel Removal Services
  • Tick & Mosquito Control


If you are looking forward to getting rid of pests altogether, contact us.

Why Trust Unique Pest Control Services.

  • We provide our services based on scientific findings. We will conduct a thorough examination of the perimeter, or the affected area before coming up with a conclusion. After that, we act upon it using our premium equipment and supplies. 
  • We will deliver you with quick and instant service. You call us, we go to you in haste. 
  • We are affordable. All our services will fit your budget. 
  • Guaranteed pest control. We guarantee the best service possible to all our customers without breaking any streak of “wins”.

Protect Your Property from Pests with a Certified Pest Control Company in Brampton.

Unique Pest Control Services in  Brampton offers decades of knowledge and experience in this field. We strive to provide 100% client satisfaction, which means you get a service worth the expenditure. Contact us now.


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